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  1. I agree that CAOHC may verify any information provided in this application by contacting listed employers, educational institutions, or clients.
  2. I understand and accept that CAOHC may from time to time impose additional requirements for courses and Course Directors, and that my continued tenure as a Course Director will require my compliance with those requirements.
  3. I understand and accept that although Course Director certification is ordinarily valid for a five-year term, this certification can be revoked for failure to comply with CAOHC requirements, including those enumerated above.

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Recertification Application Options

Option 1: Complete the eight-hour CAOHC CD training workshop. Complete the on-line examination with a passing score of 80% or higher.
Option 2. Complete the on-line examination with a passing score of 80% or higher.


Fulfill at least two of the following items during the application's five year credential term:
1. Serve as CD for a minimum of 10 OHC courses with no substantiated violations of CAOHC policies and procedures.
2. Actively participate on a CAOHC committee or task force for at least two full years. Active participation means attendance at scheduled conference calls and contribution to committee projects.
3. Submit and have accepted for publication, a minimum of two articles in CAOHC's newsletter Update.
4. Accrue a minimum of 10 continuing education contact hours related to Occupational Hearing Conservation
5. Participate as an approved instructor in one or more CAOHC sponsored CD workshops.

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