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Occupational Hearing Conservationist Curriculum

Slides & Notes for Course Directors

About the "Curriculum Slides & Notes" . . .

Course Directors - In response to your requests, you can now have the know-how and teaching experience of professionals in industrial hygiene, noise control engineering, and acoustics in your own CAOHC courses! The curriculum topics below are often difficult to explain to new OHC's, but the PowerPoint® slides and notes in these curriculum sets provide valuable and efficient tools that you can use directly in your training programs. Each set of "curriculum slides and notes" contains an individual CD-rom with a ready-to-use presentation, speaker notes and directions for displaying animation, speaker notes, and playing embedded sound files.

Note: these curriculum slide sets DO NOT replace the CAOHC requirement for a live speaker.

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Training, Education, and Motivation of Noise-Exposed Personnel

This CD includes:

  • An overview of regulatory guidance that governs requirements for training
  • Required and optional training content
  • The process of taking training from planning to evaluation
  • Examples of practical training

Regulations and Compensation

This CD includes:

  • Information about federal agencies and regulations for hearing conservation programs (HCPs)
  • Elements of an HCP
  • Compensation related to hearing loss

Introduction to Hearing Conservation

This CD includes:

  • The role of CAOHC
  • The scope of the noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) problem
  • Auditory and nonauditory effects of NIHL
  • Obstacles to an effective HCP

Role of the Occupational Hearing Conservationist (OHC)

This CD includes the:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the OHC
  • Limitations of the OHC
  • Roles and responsibilities of other HCP team members

Noise Exposure Evaluation and Noise Control

This CD includes:

  • Noise exposure assessment and how it's done
  • Key terms used in noise exposure assessments and noise control
  • Tools commonly used in noise measurements
  • Basic noise-control principles

The Physics of Sound

This CD includes:

  • Sound production and propagation
  • Terminology and concepts used to describe physical
    and psychological facets of sound
  • Definitions of hazardous noise
  • Auditory demonstrations of acoustic topics

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The Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC) has been a leader in providing standards for occupational hearing conservation programs since its inception in 1973.